Digging Deeper into Travis Bond & The Rebel Souls.

Article by guest writer Danielle McAfee

Having formed only a year and a half ago, Travis Bond and The Rebel Souls are making big waves in the local music scene. Having walked away with 4 awards in last year’s WATMA’s and being invited to play at The Sandbox Music Festival (headlined by “Old Town Road” singer Lil Nas X) is definitely proof of this. The latest in a long line of achievements for The Rebel Souls’ is their second album, Screaming at the Moon, releasing on September 20th. Although new to us, Front man Travis Bond has had some of this music written for a while now. “I’m just happy to get it out there for people to hear,” Bond states. This is the third and fastest moving band for the lead singer, having previously been in the lineup of cover band 50 Whiskey as well as the Travis Bond Band. While 50 Whiskey did play some original music, Bond, who has written lyrics since he was a kid, says he “just wasn’t on the same page as these guys.” While looking for a new guitarist, Bond stumbled across Keith Allen. The duo started playing acoustic shows while getting together for writing and jam sessions, creating the foundation of the Rebel Souls. They brought in Charles Bland and Russel Hurt on bass and drums, respectively, and have also added Matt Baber on keys. During one of their jam sessions, Allen introduced to Bond “Walking a Crooked Line,” a song that he wrote with the late Jeff James. “The first time I heard this song,” Bond reminisces, “I knew it had to be a Travis Bond song.” Bond has since been able to delve back into his creative writing process. Travis gets his inspiration from everyday life, whilst in his van, at work, or in conversation with people he meets. “I feel like this makes me a bad conversationalist,” Travis laughs, “because I’m so intent on the stories people are telling me.” Bond once saw a Facebook post with a picture of a rainbow in Reno, NV, and the song “Rainbows in Reno” was born. Another great song that came from an interesting place is “Ghost River Memphis”. A hauntingly beautiful song that seeps into your bones, about two lovers going down to a foggy river bank surrounded by Cyprus trees. This song’s inspiration originated from a Ghost River Brewing Company beer bottle that Travis and a friend spotted in a little bar-b-que joint while traveling through Memphis, TN. These writing styles teamed up with the energy these men have on stage keep nearly every venue this band enters standing room only. And while everyone looks forward to how well the Rebel Souls do in the next WeAreTulsaMusicAwards, be sure to check out the release party for their new album, Screaming at the Moon, this Friday at the Cimarron Bar (located at 2619 S Memorial). If you’re in the mood for a longer trip, The Sandbox Music Festival in Mesa, Arizona on September 29th, is projecting an attendance of over 25,000 people and a hopeful Travis Bond says that if Billy Ray Cyrus doesn’t show up to sing Cyrus’ part in “Old Town Road,” he’d definitely step in as a guest singer to make the experience even more surreal. Also, thanks to Ryan Paquette and Mugen Music, Travis Bond and the Rebel Souls have been released to 2,000 radio stations across the country. This local band may not be local for much longer! 

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