Who Are We and What Are We Doing?

So what is this site? Well, this is hopefully going to be Tulsa's new one stop spot for all things in the Tulsa Music Scene. An always accessible site on your phone or laptop where you can check in to see exactly what's going on at all times. But wait, there's more.

Michael Meacham and I decided we wanted to create a website where you can get to know your local artists. We want to write real articles about our vibrant scene instead of articles you'll find in many local magazines where they just give you the same old, same old overview of what happened at a festival or show. We want our local artists to sit down with us, engage, tell us all about their lives. About their plans. About the struggles they face, their biggest accomplishments, their influences. We want you to feel like you know them a little more personally when you see them at a show or out around town. We want the fans to feel truly connected to our scene. Not only that, but we want to display the diverse and absolutely amazing talent Tulsa has to offer. You may find your new favorite artist through this. This is our goal with this whole project.

So let's meet the two men behind the scenes:

Roger Seago

Roger got started in music by playing for a Christian youth band 10 years ago. He was asked to learn to play the bass and from there it took off for him. His musical inclinations and taste means he didn't last long playing at a church, but it was a perfect springboard to his path for playing music.

Roger currently plays in the local band Dixie Wrecked. He plays the roles of singer/songwriter/occasional bassist/electric guitarist. Whenever Roger isn't writing songs, playing shows or at work, you can find him either at Billy and Renee's for karaoke or at a local show. Not only does he enjoy being at the shows to hear all the badass music, but he loves to do photography shoots for Down In Front Photography.

His capacity for this site will be to take pictures and write articles. Also, any of the suggestions you may have for the site will be sent to him.

Mike Meacham

Mike got started taking playing music a bit more seriously around January of this year. Mike picked up his six string guitar and started dedicated a part of each day to just sitting down and strumming around on it. 10 months later and he's a very capable rhythm guitarist and he's working on becoming a lead as well.

He is also a part of Dixie Wrecked. His role in the band is singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist. He's also a pretty damn funny guy who contributes to the on stage banter that is a draw for those who come to see the band perform.

Mike's capacity here will be to write articles and to be the lead editor. Mike had once aspired to be a journalist and will be using this as an opportunity to showcase his talents as such.

We hope you will all join us on this new venture. We can sit here all day, take pictures, do interviews and write articles but without you it won't mean a damn thing. So, raise a glass and make a cheers to new adventures Tulsa!

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