2017 We Are Tulsa Music Award Winners

On March 4th of 2018, the inaugural We Are Tulsa Music Awards took place at Whiskey 918 in downtown Tulsa. 

Co-creators Roger Seago and Ryan Paquette had spent countless hours, along with Kelly Kidd, preparing for what they hoped would unify the Tulsa music scene for one evening. 

On the afternoon of March 4th, the entire team behind the awards nervously awaited the arrival of musicians, finalists, sponsors and fans for the pre-party taking place at The Fur Shop. Once the party took off, Ryan and Roger realized they had underestimated how positive the response to the awards show would be.

A line outside Whiskey 918 extended down the street as people were dropped off in limos from the pre-party and from those who had parked across the street. The entire production had to be moved back by an hour due to the overwhelming amount of individuals who showed up without tickets and bought them at the door.

It was during this hour that everyone began to feel like this would be an amazing evening. And it was. 

Musicians of every genre mingling and networking with one another. Venue owners who rarely get to see one another rubbing elbows. Fans happy to see their favorite artists being recognized for their hard work.

All in all, the night was a rousing success. This page is to commemorate all those involved who made the night such a pleasure to be a part of.

Roger Seago & Ryan Paquette
Roger Seago
Event Coordinators
Roger Seago
Ryan Paquette
Zach Truett
Lead Photographer
Kelly Kidd
Andrew Rzepczynski
Jeremy Harrington
Visuals Presentation
Brandon "Pakman" Farinzanni
Awards Provided By
Custom Craft Awards & Engraving
Wardrobe Provided By
Men's Wearhouse of Tulsa
Awards Models
Kourtney Peck
Danita Wright
Whiskey 918 Staff
Starr Protective Services
Pre Party Performers
Sprout The Anti-Hero
Timbo Kelly
Garrett Heck
Byron Mons
Pre Party Sound
Dan Burgess
Awards Performers
Jeremiah Kerby
Out of Sink
Follow The Buzzards
Sayva Worldwide
Bryce Dicus & The Mercenaries
Awards Stage Sound
Michael Parker
After Party Performer
After Party Sponsor
Kolibri Ale Works
Promotional Support
Mugen Music, Inc.
Pre Party and After Party Venue
The Fur Shop
Ceremony Venue
Whiskey 918
2017 Award Winners
Best New Artist of 2017 
Presented by PJ III Realty, LLC.
Winner: Nameless Society
Best Solo Artist of 2017
Presented by Lot 6
Winner: G Sharp
Best Single Released in 2017
Presented by The Drum Shop
Winner: TIE
"Bridges" by GRIND
"No Loyalty" by Had Enough ft. Garrett Heck
Best Rap/ Hip-Hop Artist of 2017
Presented by Tulsa Transporter
Winner: AshFree
Best Americana Artist of 2017
Presented by Alpha Tactical, LLC.
Winner: And Then There Were Two
Best R&B/Gospel Artist of 2017
Presented by Porch Talk With Chris & Laura
Winner: Darryn Zewalk
Best Country Artist of 2017
Presented by Bad Ass Renee's
Winner: Johnny Duke
Best Christian Artist of 2017
Presented by Wedding DJ/DJ YG Oklahoma
Winner: Darryn Zewalk
Best Rap/Hip-Hop DJ of 2017
Presented by QBIC Consulting
Winner: Johnny Flores
Best Karaoke KJ of 2017
Presented by Makin' Moves Clothes
Winner: Carrie Jenkins Miller
Best Club DJ of 2017
Presented by Cowboy Up Karaoke
Winner: Johnny Flores
Best Rock/Alternative Artist of 2017
Presented by Affaire Risque'e
Winner: Screaming Red Mutiny
Best Metal Artist of 2017
Presented by Urban Moving Alliance
Winner: Less Than Human
Best Punk Artist of 2017
Presented by XO Promotions
Winner: The Normandys
Best Blues/Jam Artist of 2017
Presented by Murdock Productions
Winner: Bottoms Up
Best Indie Artist of 2017
Presented by Wyld Hawgz
Winner: The Mules
Best Concert of the Year of 2017
Presented by Blackbird on Pearl
Winner: OklahomeGrown Showcase at Cain's
Best Karaoke Company of 2017
Presented by Bella J'Adore Photography
Winner: Kick Ass Karaoke
Best Sound Engineer of 2017
Presented by The Vanguard
Winner: Dusty Robison
Best Recording Studio of 2017
Presented by Davis Hot Rods
Winner: Red Door Studio
Best Source of Music for 2017
Presented by The Yeti
Winner: Tulsa Live Music FB Pagee
Best Merchandise of 2017
Presented by Wyld Hawgz
Winner: Less Than Human
The Home Away From Home Award 2017
Presented by Hypotheses
Winner: Scorned
Best Bartender at a Venue 2017
Presented by Rock Rage Radio
Winner: Lori Brewer
Best Fan of 2017 (The Groupie Award)
Presented by Cajun Boil
Winner: Juliet Nixon
Best Promoter of 2017
Presented by Starr Protective Services
Winner: Steve Murdock
Best Small Venue 0f 2017
Presented by Total Comm
Winner: Venue Shrine
Best Large Venue of 2017
Presented by XOL Modeling Agency
Winner: Cain's Ballroom
Breakout Artist of 2017 (The Big Splash Award)
Presented by Hunt Club
Winner: Less Than Human
Best Overall Artist of 2017
Presented by Down in Front Photography
Winner: Less Than Human
We Are Tulsa Music Achievement Award
Presented by Apollo's Martial Arts
Winner: Steve Murdock

Congratulations to all of our former awards winners, finalists and nominees. Everyone involved truly made the first We Are Tulsa Music Awards an unforgettable night.

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